Seminar Krav Maga Seal - USA

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Krav Maga Seal System

Beautiful Dojó for our seminars in the USA-Florida - Orlando
While many of Krav Maga's techniques and tactics are certainly singular in their effectiveness, it is the exclusive delivery system that Krav Maga utilizes to train its operators that quite possibly sets it apart from other self-defense training systems. Techniques, in a vacuum, are useless. Without developing aggressiveness or fighting spirit in students, the techniques will not matter, because under duress the defender will be unable to react in a timely or effective manner. The student/defender must train in a way that will promote and enhance decisive action under extreme stress and/or fatigue.
Therefore, Krav Maga places a great premium on "training methodology" as one of the most important ways to enhance survivability in a violent encounter. Invite your friends and your family. See you there ... Petr